Young Successful What?

When I was in JSS1, all the cool kids were in cliques. They had fancy names like Da Galz, BEGMK, Assorted Babes, but the coolest of them all was Westlife. Yes, named after these guys.

In my eyes, Westlife kids were cooler than the other side of the pillow. I remember eating my beans, which was all I was allowed to eat in JSS1, and daydreaming about how I’d be like the youngest member. They’d have a special initiation and everything. I’d finally be able to eat my Saturday chicken too. The other day I was thinking about it though. Was the “hardest” crew really named after an Irish boy band? Did they really shave their eyebrows?

This kinda sorta brings me to my point of the day. Linda Ikeji put up some thing about that Big Brother dude, Uti, forming a clique with a bunch of hombres. Grown ass men forming cliques…and they aren’t even rappers. How come no one told me posing has become institutionalized? I would have formed my own crew since, Pop Bottles With Rent Money Boyz (PBWRMB).

Which brings me to their name – Young, Successful Bachelors (YSB). Sounds like one of those Saturday morning clubs we had in LJC. Young Farmers Club, Philatelia and co.

Dear Uti,
Emeka wants to know


PS: Why do Nigerian rappers wear leather jackets to perform? Actually, just M.I. I had no other place to put this JAMB question so….yeah.


6 thoughts on “Young Successful What?

  1. These gifs give me life.

    About those leather jackets, i happened to ask the same question just yesterday, and the heat in naija right now ehn? I am having heatrashes for them. Oh and it's not just M.I

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