#BecauseNigeria: Your Daddy Lost It At The Collation Thing

Yup, lost his goddamn mind


Nigerians on the Internet Being Mean Ep. 345

Some actress/model/vixen girl put up a picture of her baby bump on Instagram. Adorable picture really. Bella, in their infinite wisdom, shared the picture on their website. This is the tried and tested Linda Ikeji tactic of comment-bait. You put up a picture of a person knowing damn well you’re setting the person up for insults. The titles are always coy and full of shade. This one had “Pregnancy Glam!”. It’s implicitly implied that the girl is single. You know what country we’re in. You know what you’re doing, Bella.

And before you go, “Oh, they’re just sharing celeb news”. Know that comments on these blogs are moderated. The admins on Linda and Bella personally approve each comment so they know they’re approving the inevitable insults that come.

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It’s pretty much standard “who give am belle” stuff from the average Nigerian. But this girl isn’t really famous. Maybe she’s been a video girl in a couple videos but the average person has no clue who she is. BN just tossed a slander alley oop looking for a slam dunk. Place the cheese out and wait for the rats to come out. Trash.

JuLOLius Agwu

UPDATE: Jokes on me. Desmond Elliot won.

My man, Julius Awgu, has apparently dropped out of politics to focus on his career.

“There was a meeting (Thursday, October 30) between Julius Agwu and his kinsmen from Ikwere, and it was agreed that he should step down from the governorship race because the current Governor Rotimi Amaechi is his friend and they are both from the same area. They’ll want the position to rotate to another part of the state and Julius Agwu has decided to listen to his people and withdraw from contesting.”


Dude wasn’t even a politician for 5 minutes.

“…the reason is that I really want to concentrate on my career. I think I am going to forget about politics for now and focus on my career”.

You know what? I’d like to use this platform to announce my decision to drop out of 2015 election. I’d like to take the time to focus on my family.

He came out big though. Didn’t run for LG Chairman or House of Reps like his mates. This reminds me of that one Inter-House Sports when Rochas bought the school a cooling van and told everyone he was running for President. He dropped out later but  he ended as a Special Assistant to some shit so I guess it all worked out. Perhaps Julius will end up as Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Commissioner or something. Better to bow out now than continue looking an imbecile like this guy…