I Have a Guy…

“Omg, my face just broke”

“Don’t worry, I have a guy”

guy  is essentially someone that does something for you. Artisan or skilled worker or just about anyone that serves a purpose in your life. In Lagos, you’re only as strong as your network of guys. If you have no guys, you find yourself crying on the side of the road every five minutes because Lagos will do that to you.

Let me tell you a little story: I got my first guy during my NYSC year. Needed a stress free local government so I got introduced to a guy that pretty much signed my clearance letters every month for a fee. Just like that, he became my NYSC guy.

Another time, my phone screen cracked and a friend gave me her guy’s number. He sorted me out, but the screen broke again. Called him and dude was in my office in no time. That’s how I got my phone screen guy.

I have a mechanic guy that services my truck. A panel beater guy because Keke Marwa are the most ruthless thing on Lagos roads. Your network of guys are like your own concierge company. What I really need now is a Petrol Guy that’ll get me petrol when there’s a scarcity like today. I get that and I know I’ve proper made it.


One thought on “I Have a Guy…

  1. Having a guy iss necessary in Nigeria. From cab guys to mechanic, painter, tilers, phone/pc/gen technician, graphic designer, ‘mai wanki’, plumbers, they go a long way in making this hard knock life we live easier. However, be careful. I found out only last month that one of my guys was charging me ridiculous prices for his service. It hurts so much, worse than my last break up!! 😦

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