Of Nigeria and Things Nigerian

Sometimes I forget this blog still exists. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks trying to build a new blog for my little Lagos rants like I don’t  have this one.


Anyway, that’s not why we’re here today. I have a proper rant today.

So since I started my little food blog, I’ve run into this weird group of Nigerians dropping the strangest comments on the food blog’s instagram. Little things like,

This is for the elites

Is this what they’re eating in Lagos now?

Because it’s not “on brand”, my partner never lets me reply. She just deletes the comments. Well, my body is scratching me today and I want to respond. Look, you have to respond sometimes. Lagos has taught me that. You have to call people stupid sometimes. It’s not rude, you’re actually helping them. If not, they’ll walk around saying stupid shit. Did you read twitter during the elections? That’s what happens when people don’t get called stupid in real life.

Anyway, back to my rant. These comments come from same type of Nigerian in the diaspora. Always in the diaspora, never in Nigeria weirdly enough. They lived in Nigeria for the majority, but Moved for college or won the visa lottery or something like that. They seem to have this romantic idea of what Nigeria is like. A Nigeria that, in all honesty, has never existed. I’d understand if their fantasized idea of Nigeria wasn’t so negative. Maybe when you hear “your English is pretty good for an African” for so long, you start to believe you actually did live in a hut.

You morons have no issue with going to Buka in New York or United Sisters in Houston for fufu, but you honestly can’t wrap your head around the fact their are coffee shops in Lagos. It’s these same people that always have the snide little comments when Bella Naija puts up pictures of Halloween parties.

When did Nigerians start celebrating Halloween? Wonders shall never end!

These people just want to romanticize Nigeria and whatever weird authenticity they attach to Nigerian things. I honestly do not understand why it makes these types foam at the mouth so much. If anyone knows, please feel free to share. I want to understand.

Actually, I don’t. I’ll still think you’re idiots.


2 thoughts on “Of Nigeria and Things Nigerian

  1. lol…
    i feel the your pain .. Nigerians in Obodo Oyinbo have no chill ..
    you visit the US or Dubai and be expecting heaven the way they run Nigeria down..

  2. I know you said you know what to know why, but I genuinely think it’s cause they’ve given up to much to go the ‘promised land’ that when they get there and live in the ghetto and can only get jobs where they clean after old people or the toilets at McDonald’s and have to constantly have to hide from the police, they still want to tell themselves that they are better off, when obviously they are not. But when you guys show them ‘fancy’ food and restaurants in Lagos, the equivalents of which can not be found near them in peckham or brixton, it simply makes them feel some type of way..

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