Ramaa Mosley Is No Ally

I’m here for many things. Sports bras, tall women, Robin Van Persie’s salt & pepper hair, yam and egg. But you know what I’m not here for?

White washing.

Exploitative white washing.

I’m not some shea butter eater or something. Didn’t give a single fuck when Pharrell had racially ambiguous women on his album cover. I’m not that guy.

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of hashtag activism. It has its success stories but I still see it as lazy, ultimately. But when CNN started crediting Ramaa Mosley for the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, it upset me. I don’t know why.

Actually, I do. The woman went on tv claiming to live the struggle.

Umm what struggle? You struggled to find a coffee shop with free wifi? You struggled to find a pumpkin spice latte in the off season? What did you struggle with, madam?

Women are out in the Nigerian streets protesting in that sun and chopping tear gas, but here we have a white dove claiming to live the struggle?

Mosley said that she decided to transform her initial feeling of powerlessness into action. She thought about getting on a plane to Chibok, Nigeria, where the students were kidnapped, but her 11-year-old daughter begged her not to go out of concern for her mother’s safety.

Isn’t she just amazing?

I quickly noticed that there was no social media presence, no petitions, no action cry. So pathetically I set out to create a Facebook page and Twitter account for the cause…then I began tweeting and hashtagging one particular phrase #bringbackourgirls

If this isn’t some “precious white woman” move, then I don’t know what is. In all her initial cries, she left out things like this

In fact, Ms. Mosley also helped direct the film “Girl Rising,” a well-received documentary about the global struggle to educate girls, and her effort to draw attention to the kidnappings is part of a push by The Documentary Group, a for-profit company, to promote the project world-wide.

…and this

CNN Films paid $500,000 last year for three years’ rights to the film, and will air it again on CNN International this weekend.

So that whole “Boko Haram hates female education” narrative that CNN has been pushing?

Yup, all makes sense. The Nyanya bombings got next to zero coverage on CNN. Wasn’t that Boko Haram too?

Holly Gordon, founder of the Girl Rising project, said in an interview on Thursday that the Nigeria kidnappings provide “an important moment for us to promote our film.”

Just look at that. Ramaa could’ve admitted her fuck up in follow up interviews, but did she? Nope.

…I think that this has been a pretty amazing example of speaking out and I really hope that people understand that has been my intention and focus from the very beginning and will remain my focus no matter what happens. I will continue to speak out on behalf of these girls and on behalf of all girls because I believe that every child deserves to be educated

Still pushing that agenda. Look, I have no problem with educating girls. None whatsoever, but I do have a problem with such exploitative piggy backing. Those girls out there are going through the unthinkable and you think this is the best time to push your cause? Who does that?

I try not to look at twitter and see what people are saying but there has been some upsetting things, that I’m trying to be the ‘White Savior.’ My husband found posts of memes of my head on top of Martin Luther King’s body at rallies and it’s really, just, cyber bullying….This is the first moment I’ve actually talked about it. But really the reason that I don’t speak out about it is that my focus is not on myself

My. God.

What are we raising this money for? Night vision googles for Ramaa?

So far, no response from Ramaa. Meanwhile…

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