Rivers’ Lawmakers Oppose Domestic Violence Prohibition Bill

No, you didn’t read the title wrong. Lawmakers in Rivers State have come out in opposition of a bill that prohibits domestic violence.

The bill sponsor, Hon. Victoria Nyeche, explained that the bill if passed will provide room for people to pursue their rights when violated. She argued that the bill is all encompassing as some men and children also suffer domestic violence.

Bill creator: Let’s put an end to men beating their wives and children

Lawmakers: No, that’s stupid.

That’s not how the discussion went, but that makes more sense than what actually went down. The leader of the house, Chidi Lloyd, pretty much came out and called the lawmakers wifebeaters when he advised the lawmakers to be cautious when passing the bill because most of them are essentially guilty.

In his words,  they should be “mindful of passing a bill that they will be first offenders.”

No. Shit. Sherlock.

Isn’t that the point of the bill?

Most of the lawmakers kicked against the bill, calling for its withdrawal on grounds that the law may be detrimental to men who want to exercise their authority as head of their homes in future.

Your uncles think beating their wives is an exercise of authority.

In 2014.

Other legislators, Lucky Odili, Sam Eligwe, Anderson Miller and Ibiso Nwuche,  argued that it was not proper for third parties like the police and social health workers to be involved in domestic affairs.

Almost everyday I stumble on things like this. It’s like almost everyone in Nigeria is a mad person and out of the ten sane people, eight of them pretend to be mad to blend in.



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