Sooo… I Went To Camp

I’m at NYSC camp!


Much excite!

I’m going put up some sort I update while I’m away. Like a journal or something. Haven’t figured it out yet.

Right now, it’s hot as balls and the fan in my room doesn’t work. There are 28 of us in the room and at some point the heat might turn us violent. It hasn’t been too bad to be honest. Nothing out of the ordinary by Nigerian standards. Still haven’t completed registration and I have no kit, but it has been interesting. The people in particular. It’s like meeting Linda Ikeji commenters in person.

Part of me wants to get an exeat and get the entire fuck out of here. The other part wants to stay and spend all my pocket money on this one girl I saw while registering.

The Lagos camp is pretty decent. It’s no Hilton, but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. When I did Man O’ War in secondary school, the digs were way worse than this. At least there’s an actual toilet not some pit latrine. I didn’t poop for three weeks at Man O’ War! Lagos camp is like a real shitty secondary school.

By the time this post goes up, i might want my mummy. Oh well, we’ll see how this goes.

Update: some guy decided our half decent showers weren’t good enough and the toilet was the best place to have a bath.

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