Reno Omokri = Poor Man’s Frank Underwood?

Hmmm..idk. How about a little context?

So Wendell = Reno = presidential aide

A little backstory here. Word on the street has it that SLS was fired because of some failed power play. (By “word on the street”, I mean beer parlor gist). SLS and CBN got audited for the first time in forever, and some discrepancies were found. SLS decided to leak that whole “missing 20 billion” thing to the papers. Jonathan, obviously pissed off, fired him.

Ok, carry on.

If this Reno thing is to be believed, SLS (who is Hausa) has links to Boko Haram.

Welp. Rookie mistake.


5 thoughts on “Reno Omokri = Poor Man’s Frank Underwood?

  1. so Reno is a pastor who holds a position as an aide in Nigeria and he uses a false name to talk about issues in Nigeria.WOW!

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