Guess Who’s Trolling For Dinner


Looks like Linda has done it again. 
The original post has been deleted, but it got copied and pasted on some random Nigerian gossip blog. Why do Nigerian gossip blogs want to be like Linda so bad? They don’t even edit the posts. They even copy Linda’s silly additions to her posts too. 
I digress. 
The post in question is the standard “Linda is trolling” post. The one where everyone can tell what Linda is getting at, but she’s all coy and whatnot. 
See what I’m talking about? Everyone says I’m unnecessarily hard on Linda, but how can you not see this bullshit for what it really is. It’s like she’s tossing an alley-oop, waiting for the madness in her comment section to begin. I’m not knocking her hustle because posts like this are clearly good for business. My issue here is this rubbish “I only asked a question” shit she pulls. It’s so disgustingly insincere.
I guess Linda won.
#FunFact: Curses said while kneeling are more effective than regular curses. 

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