Happy New Year!

I’m not going to share my opinion on this subsidy thing because I’m an idiot and I really don’t know anything.  However, I do agree that our government should be held accountable for its actions. I do have an issue with the “Occupy” movement. Let’s ignore the fact that the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that it mimics was a colossal failure. I have an issue with the headless nature of the movement. Do remember that I am an idiot and I am probably misinformed, but shouldn’t the average idiot, like myself, be able to identify a clear leader from a distance?

On twitter, I see El-Rufai encouraging Nigerians to keep challenging the government. He might have a point, but let’s not forget how shady his tenure as FCT minister was. Boko Haram apparently “supports” the cause, but let’s not forget they are a terrorist organization that have taken lots of innocent lives.

The “Occupy Nigeria” movement needs an identifiable leader and a clear set of objectives. It also needs to distance itself from shady support. As for fellow idiots, if you’re not about that protest life, please chill somewhere. No need for senseless martyrdom.

One thought on “#OccupySomething

  1. You do know something. The lack of identifiable leaders is the single reason the protests didn't last more than week. Because there was no leadership, the National Labor Congress took over as “negotiators for the protesters.” They quickly told demonstrators that the NLC would handle it so everyone should go home, and that was that, except for a few stalwart folks in Lagos who held out a bit longer. You aren't an idiot at all and got it right.

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