Amara On Cooking

Hello there!
It’s your girl, Amara
I have been invited to write an advice post on this beautiful website. I would like to thank the editors for giving me this opportunity.
I was on tweeter when I saw a young man put up this lovely little piece of advice for the today’s young ladies.

And all these young girls on tweeter started fighting him. Shameless little things! You know how to apply all the makeups in the world but you can’t cook for your man.
Do you think a man will marry a woman that can’t feed him and his children? The young man put it brilliantly.
You’re wasting your time outdressing married women.  Start outcooking them. All these men will leave their marital homes for you. I have a female colleague that did this very thing. She made the most delicious Isi Ewu and the man divorced his wife to marry her. In fact, the moment a man proposes to you, there must be a particular meal that made him realize you were worth it. Better go and ask your mother to teach you how to cook before it’s too late.
PS: Amara didn’t really write this, but if she did, it would probably read like this.

5 thoughts on “Amara On Cooking

  1. Yes! They Stay single forever…..If they do get married,God help them…its just like saying a man can't work and get money…If you are a lady,and you grew un in Nigeria,and you cannot cook,you are stuuuuuuuupid!

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