Oliver Twist.

I’ve decided to interrupt my hibernation (yes, that’s my excuse for no posts) to share this with you.

Don Jazzy is having some dancing competition thing on for that new D’Banj jawn, Oliver Twist. See how I used “jawn” in the last sentence? That’s me trying to tell you where I spent my summer. Me so witty. Where was I before I got distracted by my self titillation? Oh. Yeah, Oliver Twist.

Don Jazzy & Mo-Hitts are in the best of giving moods and with that they have opened up a Talent Contest to win up to $2500 in cash.
How To Win?
Record a video clip of yourself or your group dancing/jonzing, upload to YouTube and email the link to oliver@mohitsrecords.com
It’s that simple.
1st Prize: $2500
2nd Prize: $2000
3rd Prize: $1500
4th Prize: $1000
5th Prize: $500
Top 10 entries will be part of the Official Oliver video
Top 50 gets a FREE Koko Mobile Handset

This thing has so much potential. People do shameless things for free. Don Jazzy is offering money for it. Imagine how low Nigerians will sink. It’ll be (shameless)^infinity. Had to drop a little math on you guys. Struggling to find use for my engineering degree these days, might as well show you how smart I am on the internet. Ha! I did it again. I just bragged about my degree on the low.

Anyway, here are some entries.

Shit, I might jump on this. I have little to no shame and I might need rent money.


3 thoughts on “Oliver Twist.

  1. Like i said on twitter, so much lulz potential.
    So that guy in the last video dropped his New General Mathematics text book to dance Oliver Twist.

    And guy, why did you not include the slanging vids?

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