Moron Of The Day

Nicholas Okoh, here, wants Nigeria to withdraw from the UN because the UN “recognizes” gay marriage. This is, apparently, in reaction to the Malawi gay marriage case. I don’t know about you, but I think sentencing a gay couple to 14 years for getting married is some sort of human rights violation. Uganda was just about to criminalize homosexuality. Sentencing you to death for being gay. 
So Nick is saying that Nigeria should leave the UN because the UN chooses to defend these people? I don’t understand how you can support the actions of Uganda and Malawi with a clear conscience. I doubt Jesus would have suggested these “punishments”.
Religion poisons everything, word to Hitchens. 
On a funnay note, watch Ugandans shit themselves over teh ghey.
Pun intended.

3 thoughts on “Moron Of The Day

  1. i won't be surprised if he's gay. he knows too much. how does this relate to homosexuality? what is this?! is this there argument?really?! how dumb is this?!

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