8 thoughts on “Comment Baiting

  1. I understand Linda can be very childish and outrageously annoying. As a publication (in what so ever matter), you have the responsibility to pattern the way you report as to lead your readers on a path.

    However, i feel just because BellaNaija didn't want paint the sort of picture doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    She went topless didn't she? In fact i feel Bella should be flogged for not using that title – think who wouldn't – CNN?, E!? Aljazeer?! Yea, your guess is as good as mine.

    Check http://www.theNETng, they used a similar headline.

  2. but that wasn't all the post was about. was it? it was also about her new movies and being involved with UN. is her being topless more important than that? this is just sensationalization of news at its highest.

  3. @Leggy, in every story, you can pull out different set of stories. It's called 'A story within a story'. If Linda decided to chose a particular story (which isn't bad because the actual story had been reported and as a blogger, you have to always publish new stuff) i wont blame her.

    We can however chastise her for always pulling the prank though.

  4. OMG!! I actually had to call her out on it on her blog one time. She routinely posts about women and makes very sexist comments or tries to frame things in a sexist manner to get commenters to make nasty comments or judgmental comments.

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