I take back everything I said about the comment sections on NotJustOk and BellaNaija.

Nairaland is cornucopia of all that is stupid on the Nigerian Internet. What in the hell is this?

Ok heres the deal. . i spent 5yrs in the USA. .but now i am back to Nigeria.
.and obviously as a young nice looking dude am back into the dating scene. . .
I have gone on tons of dates. . .but the problem is i hesitate to kiss naija girls. . even when they willingly offer their lips and mouths
The reason?. . .I cannot be too sure of their dental hygiene. .
How many of them brush 2wice daily?. . use mouthwash or more importantly how many floss?
Flossing is a big deal for me. . I just cant shake the feeling that that pretty girl has 2 day old meat stuck in her teeth somewhere
Flossing is even more important than brushing. . .when u brush and floss daily u have good breath for 24hrs
I have actually had to introduce flossing to one chick that spent 3days with me. .
however after showing her how to do it. . . she claimed its tough on her teeth. .
so as expected i couldnt bring myself to kiss her the rest of her stay. .
so ppl. . what should i do?. . what percentage of Naija girls. . floss or use mouthwash anyway?. . .1%. . 10%
seems like on my next date,am going to ask straight up. . do u floss?. . and if not bounce the chick immediately
perhaps i should go look for a repat chick like myself?. .oh well. .

No words. None at all. He has to be a troll, this can’t be forrealsies.


8 thoughts on “Nairaland

  1. lol…it's funny how he is steady feeling himself. i just can't with people like spent 5 years in USA, so now you can't kiss nigerian girls in nigeria. *insert tonto's side eye here*

  2. Pschewwwwwww 5 years. He is still considered a JJC. Its those types that shout louder than everybody else. Lol @ Leggy…Tonto Side eye to him…onye-ara.

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