The Twitter Artist

So Noble put up this post on his website about twitter artists. I didn’t read the post. I only read Noble’s memoirs because Noble’s writing in his memoirs are unfuckwitable. As usual, I went straight to the comment section and check out the wisdom hiding there but what I found shocked me.

People were making fun of Noble. 
Mba nu! I don’t share. You can make fun of Majela and the rest, but not Noble, the Igwe. The only person allowed to make fun of Noble is myself. The rest of you an like to chill small. Even the other writer’s in this blog aren’t allowed to make fun of Noble. Stop it right now!
Look at this imbecile! What talent do you have? With your non-punctuating ass!
Is this one trying to imply that Noble’s memoirs are fictional? Haters to Noble’s left. Haters to Noble’s right. Haters everywia!
This guy really went there. How is this guy allowed to call Noble a “dimwit”? What in the fuck is “bou”?
What does being “bi-racial” have to do with anything? I don’t know why people like to hate on mixed kids like us. We did no wrong. Yes, I’m mixed. I’m Bini and Igbo. #SWAG
Noble is a “bloddy local fool”? This sounds like a personal problem.
On a side note, people that spell “but” as “buh” have no friends. 
I digress.
Speaking of twitter artists though, if you actually like that Tunde Ednut song….
I can’t think of any curse to send. Just go away, please.

6 thoughts on “The Twitter Artist

  1. Now you've made me go and read that article. I was avoiding it lol. I don't know whats wrong with those ppl sef. I read these comments thinking i was going to get some hot gist from the article. The guy was only advising ppl to look outside of twitter. damn, angry folks there lol

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