Sun Girls Are Models Now?

As usual, I couldn’t tuck my amebo in on twitter. Someone dropped a link to this blog on my TL. The “About Me” section is interesting to say the least. (She’s on twitter too)

Am 5:10ft runway and photography model,i can b d gurl next door the next minute, d star of d runway & the red carpet,wit great sense of humor as a promising model i lik doing runway jobs strictly 4 top fashion designers in ma state (like DaCoVa, MIA, Auggie, Tiffiny Amber, Modela, Tones Africana, House of Nwocha, House of Mifes, Lawiza) modeling for lingerie wears, make overs(Sleek, Victoria Jackson, BOD,) ad i love modelling 4 magazines (Exquisite, Fashion Tips, Youth and Styles, Nigeria Top Models Magz) *smile* i love goin on tour meeting nu pple makin good friends e.g (EME aikpo) ad am very creative, stylish, i love colours, i have a very high esteem mixed wit great pride, i love I’m an angel, I’m a devil, i am sometimes in between; Im as bad as it can get and good as it can be; Sometimes im a million colours, sometimes im black and white……..i am all Extreme! try to figure me out, you never can! Im filled wit self belief and haunted by self doubt; I like to be by myself, i hate to be alone.. I Love killing to RUNWAY!!

No words, bruv. Absolutely none.


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