Blackberry phone? Eeeez Big Deal!

But why is bruv bringing her “embarrassment”? Why must she be made to feel ashamed in the presence of her friends? How will Wizkid ping her if she isn’t on bb?

What does she mean? Who will “lubb” his back? What is this headache thing she is talking about? 
(Sidenote: I flatlined @ “Chukwuemeka namesake”)
Her name is Apollonia? Deeeeeaaaaaaddddd. Can’t. Do. This. No. Mo’.

One thought on “Blackberry phone? Eeeez Big Deal!


    The Nigerian interwebs needs to discover GIFs. There are so many golden moments in these clips. Once I learn how to make them, I shall be spreading the greatness that is “Blackberry Babes”.

    P.S. That whole Geisha vs. Keisha thing was hilarious. She's trying very hard to convince herself she's not a ho.

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