So we are monkeys now, ehn?

But if we are really monkeys, why can’t she go back to obodo oyibo and hang out with regular people? 

6 thoughts on “So we are monkeys now, ehn?

  1. A country full of monkeys don't exactly mean that Nigerians are monkeys. It just means we have a lot of monkeys living in the country among Nigerians. Such monkeys include:
    1. Leaders with no sense of direction.
    2. Followers who contribute to the problems in the system by doing things d wrong way.
    3.Expatriates (who can not even spell their names) who find themselves in key positions in Nigeria due to their ability to take 'advantage' of a bad situation. E.g. Madam Cosmopolitan.

  2. The funny thing is that a lot of nigerians in America do the same thing she did. And americans tell us the same thing y'all have told her “why cant you just leave”.

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