The Poors Have Vexed

I wasn’t going to do a post on this initially because I wasn’t sure of the credibility of the whole thing. I’m still not sure of the whole thing so I’m just going to shut my mouth. Maybe I’m afraid of being brushed too. Anyhow, here’s a cliffnotes version:

Word on the street is that some minister’s kid decked some girl at a club.

Peep that summary, yo! They don’t sell that type of skill in market. All my years of writing abstracts for pointless engineering reports have paid off. Before I start a rant on how I hate my major, I’ll just link you to the full stories. You can read more on the whole thing here and here.

My main issue with the whole thing is from the comment sections, as usual. You go fear the vitriol spewed. Maybe I’m biased because he is a LJC alum (do you say “a” or “an”?). I probably am because I’m Nigerian and like every other Nigerian, I’m flowing in Egypt. The Nile. Denial. Get it? I should drop out and start rapping. Even M.I. doesn’t spit hot fiyah like that, no Dylan.

 What was I talking about again? Oh, the comment sections. Excuse my ADD.

Soar neck? As in the neck flew? DEEP!

Generalizations make the world go round.

This one is just epistle, she even included conclusion. Too. Many. Words. So. Little. Space. My eyes! 

He mad!

You go fear kung fu

So concise. 

do you mean if the mother got pregnant of him outside?hehehehehe
maybe the same night ojo maduekwe go to a night club without her,,and the chief security officer he wanted to call got her mother pregnant of him that night,,sorry ojo ,thief money ,bad children,minus son,

 Low blow. Ouch.

What is happening in our country? Is this country created for the rich alone? Am so sure that this crazy boy will go scot free without any hitch while the lady suffers in vain. lets see what they (police will do about this case).

come to think of it, what was the lady even doing in the club self? Abeg….. na wetin she find, na she see self..

 I like this one. She spreads the blame around evenly on some Obama socialist tip.

I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t there so I’m not passing any judgment without knowing both sides of the story. I do know that the commenters are a tad harsh on him (and his family) and it’s not just because he allegedly hit a girl. It’s because he is a “spoilt rich kid”. Lots of poor and frustrated men have been battering their wives in Nigeria and I doubt any of them would get this level of abuse. I’m not condoning hitting women on any level but I honestly believe there’s something more to this. There’s an underlying frustration in this reaction. He’s the typical “rich kid” that studied abroad. It’s assumed that he’s spoilt because of the amount of money he spends on the regular. His parents “stole” Nigeria’s money so it must be your money he using to pop bottles in the club.

I’m sorry but does Bill Gates ride Keke NAPEP to work every morning? The boy is from a wealthy family, he can’t suddenly start acting like he doesn’t know where his next meal is coming from. Sure, some rich kids are spoilt. I’m friends with a bunch of them but most of them aren’t.

This is pointless anyway. I feel like I’m convincing some poor old white that not all black people are “ghetto”. I’m just going to go and look for funny things on youtube. Hopefully, Afrocandy or Majela has something new out.

PS: If I get rich and famous, be rest assured it is my money that my kids are wasting. Not yours or Nigeria’s, but mine.


5 thoughts on “The Poors Have Vexed

  1. “Not yours or Nigeria's, but mine.”

    See but the thing here is since he IS the son of an ex minister in that country NIGERIA there is HUGE possibility that he is spending/living off of Niaja's money and not just the money his father got as his salary.
    Maybe if he wasn't screaming “Do you know who I am?” people won't be so enraged.

  2. I'm not speaking for him. I'm not saying he is good person or a bad person. I'm speaking for me.

    …and his mother had a decent job at some oil company before she became minister if I remember correctly. We don't know if his dad stole money or not so I'm not accusing anyone of anything. He said “Do you know who I am” because he has wealthy/known parents. If his parents weren't associated with govt. and were still rich, he'd probably say the same thing. Shit, I went to school with kids that said shit like that on the regular and their parents weren't in govt.

  3. As an On again, off again rich man/politician's daughter, I can concisely say that most of my dad's friend's kids made me want to kill myself. Obnoxious to say the least and I could totally envision them being this callous. So idk

    I hate when people blame other people for getting hit, it's like really The woman who made the “why was she at the club” comment would have said the same thing if the girl had gotten raped.

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