CP-Africa on Bellanaija

Nmachi Jidenma, founder of CP-Africa, was interviewed by Bella Naija. It’s pretty much one of those “Hey, who and what are you” type interviews. It’s a good read and whatnot but that’s not what this post is about. I usually jump straight to the comment section because that’s where all the wisdom on Bella Naija is stored.

Pardon my french but what the fuck is up with Nigerians and their crabs-in-a-fucking-bucket mentality?

Oh well

2 thoughts on “CP-Africa on Bellanaija

  1. appropriate GIF is appropriate, lol. there needs to be a Nigerian version of it

    exactly what I was talking about yesterday. I stay away from Bella Naija for this exact reason – otherwise I'm sure I'll be diagnosed with high blood pressure before I'm 30.

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