Majela Zeze Diamond

It’s your girl, Majela, Eve’s long lost Nigerian sister. I always knew Eve was Nigerian, I just didn’t have proof. I remember watching her first video and I was wondering why she was fully clothed and whatnot. I guess someone relayed my message because she’s definitely stepped up her game. Either that or she watched the “Ikebe Na Moni” video. I know she’s Edo and she’s in Italy. I don’t have proof to support this either claim but I’m willing to bet my goats on it.

The “cyclers” she has on are a nice touch. Back in the day, seeing a girl’s cyclers was the main thing. This was before I thought reaching first base was achievable. You’d call your homeboys and tell them the great news. Like every hater, your homeboys will call you a liar. You give them a vivid description and like all haters, they’d get all jealous/bitter/salty.
“Aint my fault yo ass aint in strategic cycler spotting locations. Quit hating, nigga”


PS: She’s doing it for the lulz. If you are taking her serious then you, like a lot of people, are stupid.


8 thoughts on “Majela Zeze Diamond

  1. LMAO AfroCandy never stops representing!!!! lol. I would lyk to beg the men in Naija with big 'penis's to pls go get this woman laid so she can change the lyrics of her song small….
    On a different note, I totally believe this video was shot in either Aba, Abia or Enugu cause from the education I have gotten from Naija movies, there alone do they have Red wals in the living room. And since her video wardrobe can only be found in the bend down select section of Aba market, I would say she is currently located in Aba. For all u die hard stalking fans, I hope this has narrowed ur search….lol

  2. She's actually on itunes with 28 reviews! Don't you have to buy a song to be able to leave a review on itunes? WTF. crazy stuff.

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