IBB is gully



  • He did the right thing for that June 12 thing. You disagree? You don’t know shit.
  • Abacha stabilized the country.
  • Regret? What are you talking about? He “accepts” responsibility not regret.
  • Nigerians judged him unfairly.
  • You mad? Move the f*ck on, negroes.
  • He is running because he has a bullet in him for the country.
  • Rigging? He doesn’t do all that illegal nonsense. Each vote will count, especially the 6 million from his village
  • He promised a “free and fair” election and he delivered. 
Snap Judgement
Nosa’s take
I’d vote for him before I vote for Chris Okotie, I know that much. I can’t help but admire the man’s not-give-a-shit-tery. When I grow up, I want to be like him. Nigerians, the man took a bullet for our beloved country. That alone warrants out votes. Would Jonathan or Okotie take a bullet for Nigeria? Hell no. The only reason he doesn’t get my full support is because I’m running for president. I’m a better candidate and  if I wasn’t running, I’d be on his team. 
On a serious note, I believe the man has every right to run and he deserves our attention. I read about protests when he declared and I was pretty disappointed. Nigerian youth, for the most part, are a bunch of empty barrels and you know what they say about empty barrels. Everybody is a pundit on the internet but when it comes down to it, nobody votes. If you disagree, head to the polls and prove me wrong. All those rallies in London and New York aren’t worth anything if nobody votes. All those albums we help eLDee sell aren’t worth anything if nobody votes. If you really want change, go out and make that change. It doesn’t matter if you think the elections are going to be rigged. The fact you go out and vote makes it harder to rig compared to when you don’t. 
…and if you don’t like the candidates, vote for me. I promise change you can believe in. Trust me, I have enough quarters for your laundry and vending machine needs.


9 thoughts on “IBB is gully

  1. Three things:

    a. Christian Purefoy looks scared at the start of the interview.

    b. To my knowledge there's no system in place for Nigerians abroad to vote like proxy voting, electronic or even voting by mail. This makes it really hard to actually 'go out and make that change'. You use the platform that's available to you be it rallies or 'being a pundit on the internet'.

    c. You appear to be using the latter platform.

  2. No one said all Nigerians are abroad. The point is that for some Nigerians abroad-without a means of voting- the rallies in New York and London are some of the few alternative options to actually voting.

  3. The FUUUUUU! This guy is a sly morrafucker! SHET! See how he was slipping and sliding out of every question. NOT ONCE the he give a direct answer despite the EXTREMELY direct questions. Q:'Do you feel you should apologize to Nigerians for annulling the elections' A: 'The elections happened 17years ago, I've told Nigerians we need to move forward'. WHAT. THE. FUCK? Move forward when that is the only glimpse of democracy we've ever had? Move forward when your 'best' decision cost countless people their lives? Move forward when you snuffed out the light and hope from the eyes of Nigerians? And you really expect to get peoples' votes by such arrogant foolery? THUNDER FIRE YOUR BLACK HAIRY NYANSH!

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