Count Eucharia

It’s a bird? No. It’s a plane? No.


I think she thought the event was a casting call for True Blood.

3 thoughts on “Count Eucharia

  1. and i'll say it again here…………she looks like a cross between what bram stoker had in mind when he penned dracula and a 17th century chinese warrior

    this is what i call self esteem! when you look like crap yet feel/act and believe that you look good.

  2. I hate to be THAT girl, but it needs to be said … What's with Nigerian women shaving off their eyebrows and drawing them on? I have a whole slew of aunties who do this. I suppose the advantage is that you can emote with an eyebrow pencil. Rolled out the bed feeling cranky? Draw mean highly arched brows! Feeling happy? No need to strain your facial muscles! Your brow pencil will do the trick!

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