I really can’t believe there hasn’t been a Bez post on here seeing as he went to LJC. LJC folk tend to stan their own…hard. Bez and I are hombres. By hombres, I mean I washed his friend’s clothes when I was in JSS2. So yeah we go way back like a high top fade.

On a serious note though, Bez makes beautiful music. I won’t front at all. The hater in me wants to hate his stuff but it’s hard. I can’t find any reason too.

Bez – More You from Kemi Adetiba on Vimeo.

I like the whole sixth sense vibe of the video.

In conclusion, I am Nosa and I support this artist. Eat shit if you don’t. The End.

PS: The priest dude in the video was socials prefect. The big guy comforting the lead lady is the priest’s cousin.


2 thoughts on “Bez

  1. though the whole “the reason she can't see me is because i'm dead!” thing is cliched, the video seems somehow new. it's nicely done. and i like the song. Bez tends to go for minimalist and listening to him is always a nice change from your regular Nigerian music. Nigerian indie FTW. All the other Nigerian non-hip-hop artists should start coming out of the woodwork too.

    p.s. i won't be surprised if that whole funeral was filled with LJC alums. I think I spied Sohks somewhere there…

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