Can Kongi be our Pyrate President?

Now, unless you live under a Brazilian rock, most Nigerians know that Wole Soyinka, (aka Kongi) just formed a political party called Democratic Front for People Federation (DFPF).
Having established that, lets dream a little.

Lets assume Wole Soyinka decides to run for President under this new party of his. I am wondering, will he be flouting a provision of the constitution?

So, here is the case against Kongi:

According to the Nigerian Constitution’s Section VI, subsection 137(1h), 

A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if he is a member of any secret society 

And if you are a Kongi fanatic, you probably know he started one of Nigeria’s first fraternities also known as the National Association of Seadogs (aka the Pyrates)

I hope we don’t need to explain why or how a fraternity might be considered a secret society.

However, there is a small window of defence for Kongi’s lawyers should he hire any. Apparently, the Pyrates no longer consider themselves a fraternity. According to the “About Us” page of their website,

Today, PC has evolved from a campus confraternity to an international organisation with branches in Africa, Europe, Asia, America and Canada.

So it appears the pyrates are backing down from their earlier fraternity leanings. (To throw in a bit of irony to this situation, it is worth noting that he announced his political party at the Pyrate’s yearly lecture!)

Hence, the #JAMBquestion, given this section of the Nigerian Constitution, can Kongi be President?

**Correct answers backed with the necessary legalese win a chance to take the first shot at this hypothetical supreme court case which will undoubtedly call into question this section of the constitution’s compatibility with UDHR guaranteed rights to “freedom of association”.

PS: I can already see all the Nigerian constitutional lawyers that read this blog (if there are any) rubbing their palms. Money go dey this election!


6 thoughts on “Can Kongi be our Pyrate President?

  1. Will be nice to see him run for presido! LOL. Not convince I'll vote for him… talk is cheap… we want someone who is not just angry at the situation in Nigeria but also willing to go ALL the way to proffer solutions and serve… em…em… my lesson for the week “stay in your element. You'll do better there”

    God Bless Nigeria!

  2. Lol. Back to the question. No. I don't think he can. Past membership should disqualify one as much as present membership should.

    Anyhow I hope Kongi does not venture into Naija's political jungle. I think he works best as an activist.

  3. @Really Random Name:

    LOL!Igbo Man! You ha just 'ating on the yoruba guy (with talking drum intonation)

    (before them haters get @ me. I'm just joking oo. Me and Random Name go way back :D)

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