17 thoughts on “I know she is Nigerian

  1. She sure does have an E/Nigerian accent so chances are high that she is anyway… LOL…But does it matter if she's igbo or whatever? She's a shame to the entire country. Collabo w/ AfroCandy has to come soon!

  2. leggy…
    how is she obviously Igbo?
    I grew up in Ph ..
    not just Igbo pple sound like her.. I kno Rivers, crossriver, akwaibom people that sound exactly like this… (generally people from the eastern and south-eastern areas)
    so yea …she is not obviously Igbo… more like the possibility is high but not “obviously”

  3. Erm… I don't know about all of you sha, but that kind of body movement when singing and even the repetition of 'geni' is typical of Yoruba people.

    *side eye*


  4. Pretty sure the first video is a response to “Show me your genitals” by Jon Lajolie


  5. @sugabelly, you start a lot of dumb shit you can't finish. Like how you made a fool of your ignant self of bellanaija about the cupcakes…

    You've started another trashy ethnic argument again. DOES IT REALLY matter if she's Igbo or Yoruba?! Hell, she's african (most likely Nigerian) and that's a big enough blow to us. It's people like you that should never sit in seats of power because your prejudice is disgusting. Go and work out your fat ass down with your ''body movement…Yoruba” comment. Idiot girl always trying to spread her bitter venom all over the place.

    If anything, we igbos should erase you from our ethnicity. Anofia!

  6. @AnonAttackingSugabelly

    Please don't be silly rude. The Igbo thing is a running gag on the blog. I make fun of Igbo people everytime and Sugabelly's comment is connected to that. Everyone that follows the blog knows that.

    Like everyone knows, I hate being serious so let's get back to the tribe jokes

  7. @Anonattacking Sugabelly

    Everybody is making fun of other ethnicities and no one is taking it seriously, why is it only Sugabelly's comment you saw to insult? Is she the only one making assumptions? Gosh some people are just rude. Leave the girl alone.

    I think the lady is definitely from the east sha. It's the way she says “geni”. What kills me is the combination of the traditional praise hymn rythm of the song, the igbo cultural dance movements and the hip-hop backing track. *dead*

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