SNLH app

Seeing as I have nothing to do (ok, i lie) I’ve decided to play around with making an app for the blog using the Ovi App wizard from Nokia.

The first go around was rejected from being published by the Ovi store, i.e. we can’t make no monies from it. I see no point in letting my 5 minutes go to waste so I’ll put the files up from download.

It’s nothing fancy or anything but it should be pretty nifty if you want to read the blog from your mobile.

.jar file – should work on most phones. Yes, blackberries too.
.jad file – same as the above. It was more responsive than the .jar on my E63 for some weird reason
.wgz file – for Nokia touch devices only…I think

No, it will not melt your phone or turn it to dust. Just try it out and tell me what you think. Maybe with a little feedback, i can actually put some effort into it this time


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