Carleton’s Naijerian Obama Moment

Now considering the last serious post here (don’t count my gushy MI post) this  blog might seem like it is talking from both sides of its mouth.

I am about to raise another  perspective  with regards Sugabelly‘s last post here. Like seriously, it is not that I disagree with her. It is just that I think there is a small caveat on her admonition to Nigerian companies

So here is the story.

I just received word from one of my many spies in Canada`s capital that Carleton`s Nigerian Student Association just elected by a slim vote, close friend and colleague of mine from CIC, Nikhlesh Vashwani, as its Public Relation`s Officer.

But why is the election of  some random dude into some Canadian university’s Nigerian Student’s association news? Afterall, it’s not like its some American Ivy school or something. It’s not even Canadian Ivy.

Well, it is because it is a real Nigerian Obama moment that raises serious questions about expectations of how a Nigerian should look.

As it turns out, Nikhlesh Vashwani is an Indo-Nigerian. He likely looks nothing like other people that have previously occupied his position…

Therefore, this indo-Nigerian being Public Relations Officer means that an indian face will represent Nigerians in Carleton for the next year. Now I don’t know if this will have the same effect ‘foriegn’ models are believed to have on Nigerian businesses. But, I think his election is the greatest testament to the open-mindedness of Nigerians. I know this borders on tokenism but at least, we can easily point to Carleton’s Nigerian Students Association’s PRO as proof that we are not xenophobic.
Now, I know perhaps, this example is not archetypical of the situation in Sugabelly’s post. So what am I getting at?
Well, I think Nigeria is changing such that it is not only dudu people like me and my parents that can be considered Nigerian. There are now Chinese, not all of whom sit down in offices commanding their “corrupt” black serfs in government. Some of them are out there fighting like the common man. Let’s also not forget the Lebanese, the Brazillians and ofcourse the Indians that have been here for the longest time. Even the new people like Jeremy Weate, many would consider Nigerian.
I want to know, would you consider these people representative of the “Nigerian”? Is it fine that they should represent us in any capacity, whether on business ads, political office, even student associations’ like in this case? Should Nigerians only be dudu people like a lot of us? Do you think Nigeria is on the path to multiculturalism?
I want to hear from you…
PS: In the interest of getting the broadest possible perspectives, you are allowed to be racist in your comments, if you think that;s the only way you can express yourself. Just make it eloquent and don’t put your real name. And remember, racisim is ugly.

6 thoughts on “Carleton’s Naijerian Obama Moment

  1. I already did a post on this and got called racist. What the fuck ever.

    I consider you Nigerian if you have at least one (full blooded) Nigerian parent. Otherwise, kindly fuck off. Not everyone can be born Nigerian you know 😀

    Okay, I jest.

    I consider you Nigerian down to 1/8th Nigerian blood composition. After that you're on your own. And after 50%Nigerian blood composition, you stop being representative of Nigeria.

    In other words, there are no Chinese, Lebanese or Brazilian Nigerians.

    There are Nigerians and there are… other people.

    Yes, I'm being country-ist. If the Japanese can do it, I'll do it too.

  2. dude, there are dents in his torso. and they are not folds. he doesn't have guns like his co-workers, but you can't say he hasn't got some definition there

  3. @Saz: Just because I have rules for who is Nigerian and who is not does not mean I want to exterminate everyone who is not Nigerian.

    There HAS to be a line drawn somewhere otherwise the Nigerian government would be obliged to provide services for any random person that strolled into our country. There is no shame in distinguishing what you are and what you are not.

    The Nazis were just fucking crazy because they thought they were better than everyone else and planned to get rid of everyone else that wasn't like them.

    I neither think Nigerians are superior to anyone else nor do I have any desire to bomb the rest of humanity into oblivion so honestly I think comparing me to a Nazi (which surprisingly has happened twice on Blogsville) is very ridiculous.

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