#NigerianPeopleTwitter II

#NigerianPeopleTwitter has struck again. As of 9 am today, #nigeriangrammar was a trending topic…

…in DC

…New York…the world.

What does this all mean?
Well. for starters it means that Nigerians have arrived on teh internets. 419 emails don’t count. Email, although still in use, has been pushed into the realm of snail mail (#wheredeydodatat). Social networking is now recognized as the premier form of interneting. If you aren’t part of any social network, you are either gay, old fashioned or maybe both. It’s also nice to see Nigeria recognized for something that isn’t 419 or Mutallab (I bet you’ve forgotten about that guy, eh?).

Also, this means there are a lot of Nigerians in the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia for you n00bs), ATL and NYC. And the same goes for London. However, this topic didn’t trend in Texas as far as I know. This could either mean the Nigerian presence in Houston has been greatly exaggerated or Nigerians in Houston are akata-rized (GASP!). The latter seems more likely from personal experience and I guess they fall under BlackPeopleTwitter now. For shame. Another far-fetched, and very plausible, explanation is that Igbo people can’t use computers*.

99.99999% of Nigerians in Houston are Igbo**.
Igbo people can’t use computers (see Nosa’s mother and Nosa’s girlfriend***).
Twitter requires a computer (or phone or iTouch or PDA).

That could actually be it, y’know

PS: Follow us on twitter (@SNLoveHate).

*I await Sugabelly‘s rebuttal.
** Exaggeration as per usual.
***I expect no action for the next month as soon as she reads this.


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