Dear Ghana

Dear Ghana,

Please go somewhere and kill yourself. I will not give you the attention you crave. I don’t care how much better your universities are or that Obama came to your country. Obama is an asshole anyway and he still hasn’t taken Nigeria of that stupid list. You don’t deserve my hate. I hate the United States of America, the Confederate States of America, the red half of Liverpool, North Korea and every other non-Englsh speaking country (especially France).

Your food sucks. Your movies suck. Your music suck.

Quit trying.

Go away



6 thoughts on “Dear Ghana

  1. "tell 'em why you mad, son!!!"lol!I know some folks that feel you on the "Frenchies" as they call them. Don't be mad at Ghana, or Ghanaians who choose to rub things in our face. There's little need. Someone said on twitter that even if Ghana wins the match (which they did), they will still celebrate using Nigerian music. I found that funny, hopefully you will too.Take care.

  2. What is your fucking problem? No Ghanaian ever put a bomb in their underwear…FUCK OFF. Go and mend your 419 reputation.

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