My dear American friends,

I know how this looks and i promise you that I have a perfect explanation for it. You know how that Fort Hood shooter is an A-Rab despite being a passport carrying American citizen in the Army?

It’s totally the same thing here. You were never going to accuse yourselves of being terrorists. I mean, it like totally defeats the purpose. Y’getme?

One of them A-Rabs just happens to have a Nigerian passport. It’s no big deal. We give teh gheys, Jews and even Azns passports. We are nice like that. I implore you to join us in our fight against this tyranny. You don’t need to send troops to our country because we got this. You can play your little part by not strip searching us at airports.

Also, you should share some of the blame. You elected an A-Rab as president. Hussein might have planned this shit from Hawaii. You know how sneaky them A-Rabs are.


PS: You know Nigerians are selifish bastards. There’s no way a Nigerian would kill himself for a greater cause. We aren’t built like that.


  1. Too bad he didn't figure out how to work his 'brilliant' invention while he was at it. Not that I'm condoning terrorism but if you're gonna do something evil, at least have the decency to do it properly sheesh! Oh well, there goes what's left of our image :(xoxo

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