You kidnapped a famous actor, now what?

Well, you ask for 10 million. Naira of course, we are trying to be reasonable here.

Am I wrong for thinking the kidnappers set their price too low?

Last time I checked, 10 mill couldn’t buy you a Hummer and you know how high the Hummer pedestal is. Nothing says you hit the jackpot like buying that ugly gas guzzling piece of crap. I wonder what will happen when GM stops production.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah…kidnappings. Nigeria is like the new Mexico. It’s funny how it went from “we are kidnapping there oyibos for a just cause” to “I’m broke so I’m going to jack the next person I see off the street”.

I wonder if there’ll be some “Man On Fire” type movie set in the country. I can just imagine it now…

Ahh…just perfect.

I’m going to sue if there’s a Nollywood movie with this storyline because you know this was all my idea.

7 thoughts on “You kidnapped a famous actor, now what?

  1. I have to say that i was slightly disappointed by the amount/ransom that pete edochie's life was worth, based on the judgement of Kidnappers.Pete is a reknowned actor, for christ sake and it is some mere 10 millie that they ended up settling for. Pardon my lack of political correctness, I was somewhat embarrassed.This situation has kinda made me put Nigerians' ave. standard of living and the crime rate. oh well, nonsense and bongafiah

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