As you may have noticed, our blog has changed a bit. It’s gone from “Stuff Nigerians Hate” to “Stuff Nigerians Love/Hate”. My publisher decided “Hate” was too restrictive of a word and my publisher is a fucking hippie. Not really…I don’t have a publisher either but I am planning on writing a children’s book if this engineering thing doesn’t pan out. Actually, I’m not planning on doing any of the writing either. I’m leaving that for Loila and Sugabelly since they like writing and kids (I guess).

What was I talking about again?

Oh, changes…yea changes. God I hate that word. Obama pretty much butt fucked the hell out of that word…arghh. I decided to add the “Love” part (well, I consulted Loila too) because I didn’t like the singular direction that this blog was taking. Also, the change was made to accommodate some contributors. They happen to be in a very happy place right now and would love to write about rainbows and pink fucking bunnies.

Well, that’s about it. Regular posting should resume once we get a hang of school and decide on what classes we want to fail.

Before I forget, I would like to change my stance on the whole Nigerians and sex thing. Someone sent me to some gossip rag about Nigerians in England. After going through most of the posts (as difficult as it was), I realized Nigerians are not as uppity as I thought. It’s just the ones in my 30 mile radius.

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